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Acme Screws and Ball Screws Manufacturers:
Thomson Industries
Acme screws & ball screws from 0.25 inch (10 mm) all the way to 2.0 inch (50 mm) diameters are available in numerous leads and nut configurations. Cut to length screw stock, screw end machining, and complete screw end supports are available. Simple, fixed, and rigid screw end supports are available in various thrust capacities.

Let us HELP you:
In todays market, there are numerous choices that you are presented with that can solve your application requirements. These choices include different product sizes, different product specifications, different manufacturers, and different product solution prices. The old saying "There is more than one way to skin a cat" is very true. Let us at  Linear  Industries  assist you with your decision process. Our outside sales engineers and inside application engineers have helped numerous individuals like yourself over the past 38 years, weed through all the product hype and make the right choice for your specific situation. Our main interest is the successful completion of your automation task. We have many manufacturers and products to choose from. So no matter if you are a "One Time User" or a Large volume OEM - contact us!

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