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Supplier of Electronic and Mechanical Automation Products
Since 1970 (over 54 years now), Linear Industries has been supplying electronic and mechanical Motion Control products to its customers. With our excellent customer service, engineering, and outside sales departments - we have helped numerous organizations select the RIGHT products to successfully complete their Automation Tasks. It does not matter if you are a one time user, or a large volume OEM, we can assist you in your adventure. Having access to several different electronic and mechanical manufacturers, along with our many years of experience, we can help guide you in selecting the most cost effective solution for your application requirements.
Linear Industries is a privately held company that has been in business since 1912. Prior to 1970, we supplied mainly rotary Power Transmission products to the Southern California market. Since 1970, Linear Industries has been supplying both electronic and mechanical Motion Control products to the entire California and Northwest territories.
We supply a range of SERVO and STEPPER positioning systems. These come in either single or multiple axes units that can be Stand Alone, PC controlled, or PLC controlled. We have both analog and digital systems that have either built-in intelligence or NO built-in intelligence. We also supply a complete line of Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, and Ultrasonic Sensors. We have products for the "one time user" all the way to the large volume OEM.
We supply a wide range of round rail linear precision shafting, ball bushing bearings, square rail linear guides, profile rail linear guides, cross roller bearings, and ball slide linear bearings in standard lengths or cut to any desired requirement. We also supply acme screws and ball screws in standard lengths, cut to a specific length, or as part of a complete assembly. Complete positioning systems in a wide range of sizes and shapes are available in numerous configurations. Gearheads, Linear Actuators, Linear Positioning Slides, Linear Positioning Stages, Rotary Positioning Tables, and Flexible Aluminum Framing is also available to help complete your mechanical assembly requirements. We supply these mechanical products to the the "one time user" all the way to the large volume OEM.
Custom Solutions:
Sometimes that "off the shelf" product just DOES NOT fit your application requirements. With our experienced engineering staff, we can assist you in developing that custom electronic, or mechanical, system that you need. We can help you build your system in sub assemblies, or you can have us build the entire system in our facility and then shipped to you. We have in-house CAD capability, 12 CNC machines, over 20 other manual machines, and an experienced electrical & mechanical engineering department ready to assist you. Come see what we can do for you.
Markets and Applications
Linear Industries has provided many products that have been used in numerous applications within many different market segments over the years.  Those market segments and applications include:
Markets Applications
* Aerospace
* Alternate Energy
* Automotive
* Fiber Optics
* Food Processing
* Machine Tool
* Medical
* Oil
* Packaging
* Paper & Pulp
* Semiconductor
* Solar
* Textile
* Gluing
* Welding
* Grinding
* Test Stands
* Pick & Place
* Part Insertion
* Part Scanning
* Laser Positioning
* Liquid Dispensing
* Inspection Stations
* Automated Assembly
* Semiconductor Processing

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