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  Manufacturer -  Apex Dynamics USA

Apex Dynamics USA Apex Dynamics USA uses break through Patented technology to manufacture high quality precision helical gearheads. The Patented Input bearing housed directly into the one piece shaft carrier guarantees 100% concentricity and whisper quiet operation. The 5 Year Warranty makes an Apex gearhead a wise choice over the many other gearhead manufacturers.

Website:  Apex Dynamics USA

Let us HELP you:
Apex Dynamics USA has numerous product choices with many different performance specifications. Sometimes these choices can make the selection of a particular part for an application difficult. Let us at  Linear  Industries  assist you with your decision process. Our outside sales engineers and inside application engineers have helped numerous individuals like yourself over the past 45 years, weed through all the product hype and make the right choice for your specific situation. So no matter if you are a "One Time User" or a Large volume OEM - contact us!

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